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One of the most important benefits of the Bridge to Independence program is the monthly maintenance payment.
You’ll work with your IC to decide the best living situation for you – with a foster family, on your own, or in a group home (if that’s what you need). No matter which option you go with, Bridge to Independence will send monthly support payments while you finish school, tackle job training, and prepare for success as an adult.

Living with a foster family? Each month, the housing payment will be sent to your foster family, whether they’re relatives or not.
Living on your own? Bridge to Independence will send all or part of the maintenance payment directly to you, depending how “supervised” the living situation is. Work with your IC on this. Your situation will determine how your payment is set up.
Living in a group home? Whether you’re staying because it’s medically necessary, or are just there while you find a more permanent place, Bridge to Independence will send the monthly payment to the group home. 
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