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The DHHS Division of Behavioral Health is committed to broadening the behavioral health lens by promoting safe and healthy environments that foster youth, family, and community development through best practices in mental health promotion, substance abuse prevention and early intervention. 

Through our partnership with the six Regional Behavioral Authorities, we are dedicated to enhancing the capacity and collaboration of an effective and comprehensive prevention system that promotes overall wellness.

Guiding Principles
In order to create population level change, communities must be targeted with prevention initiatives that demonstrate measurable change in behaviors or in important risk factors that lead to behavior change.
  • The Strategic Prevention Framework will be comprehensively utilized for all planning and decision making processes.
  • All prevention activities will be culturally relevant.
  • Nebraska will shape substance abuse prevention policy, quality improvement, and agency participation through cross-agency advisory groups.
  • DBH will coordinate and support the work of the State’s prevention advisory council, and will actively recruit and educate partners who can contribute to this important work.
  • Each Region will identify its highest risk subpopulations and will develop a plan to enhance or build community responses.
Performance Indicators
A reduction in substance use by Nebraskans will be accomplished through the implementation of the strategies and activities outlined in this plan.  Like all strategies that the State, Regions and communities implement, key strategies involve:
  • Increasing the perception of risk
  • Increasing positive norms and policies associated with drug and alcohol free life choices
  • Increasing positive attachments to family, school, neighborhood and community
  • Reducing parental and peer group attitudes favorable toward the problem behavior or use
The State of Nebraska will prevent and reduce a wide range of behaviors including:
  • Underage drinking
  • Binge drinking
  • Prescription drug abuse
  • Marijuana use
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Illegal sale of tobacco products to minors
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