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Behavioral Health/Rural Law Enforcement Training Videos 

This series of training videos was developed by the NE Department of Health and Human Services – Division of Behavioral Health and Communications & Legislative Services Section using federal grant funds from the U.S. Department of Justice/ Office of Justice Programs / Bureau of Justice Assistance:
  • Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program (CDFA #16.745), Category II: Planning and Implementation (from 11/01/2008 to 10/31/2011)
  • Goal 1: Provide statewide Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training for Law Enforcement officers and make clear linkages with local crisis response teams.
    • Objective 1.4 Sustain statewide training for law enforcement.

The training is designed to better equip officers to respond to persons in a mental health crisis by training them to recognize signs and symptoms of mental illness; understand mental illness and its impact on the lives of the people it affects; develop de-escalation techniques which they can use when encountering an individual with a mental health crisis; and how to connect persons to appropriate community-based behavioral health services.
The key message was two-fold: give officers a sense of what a person with a mental health crisis would act and sound like and also give the officers a set of techniques which they can use to de-escalate the crisis.

The video series uses experts from law enforcement and behavioral health to describe a likely scenario and the techniques, combined with 3 demonstration scenarios depicting how an individual experiencing Psychosis, Depression or Mania would likely act and sound and, how an officer uses the de-escalation techniques. Other videos in the training series explain the resources available to the officers.
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Substance Abuse Community Coalition Video

Nebraska is one of eleven states given the opportunity to develop a video to support local community coalitions.  This video, narrated by Candy Kennedy of the Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health, highlights the hard work of several community coalitions in planning for and implementing substance abuse prevention activities.

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services encourages coalitions to utilize the video at civic events, schools, local media, and Cable TV outlets, to expand understanding of coalition’s efforts, recruit new members, and to encourage the development of additional coalitions in other communities.



  • Video segments coutesy of WOWT-TV- Omaha NE.


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