LB 95: Psychiatric Medications for the Indigent


Nebraska residents who have been committed by a mental health board are eligible to receive some medications to support their recovery.  A person must have been committed and in active recovery to receive these benefits.  Payment is for extremely low income people. A commitment is made through a Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Board, as described in the Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Act. (N.R.R.S 71-900 et seq.).  Medications are only available through the Lincoln Regional Center or the Norfolk Regional center depending on where you live in the state.


1. Check this List of Counties or this map to determine which regional center you will be working with.  A person will be working with either the Lincoln Regional Center or the Norfolk Regional Center depending on where you live in the state.
2. Contact the regional center Financial Responsibility Office assigned for your county of residence.   The person requesting medications will need to have an affidavit on file with the committed person's name, date of birth and Social Security Number.
3. Verify that an affidavit is on file for the committed person using the person's name, date of birth and social security number. If no affidavit on file, a financial packet will need to be prepared.
4. Prepare a financial packet for the individual requesting medications.  The Financial Responsibility office will mail the financial information packet on request.
5. If there is an affidavit on file and the consumer does not have Medicaid or other health insurance, then fill out a prescription form for EACH INDIVIDUAL MEDICATION. Only one medication should be written on each prescription blank. Failure to follow this procedure may delay prescription dispensation. The prescription must contain:
  1. The name of the consumer,
  2. The address of the consumer,
  3. The date,
  4. The name of the medication and directions for use,
  5. The indication,
  6. The quantity to be supplied (up to a 30 day supply),
  7. The number of refills, and
  8. The name, signature, and DEA# of prescriber OR the name of the prescriber and the signature of the agent of the prescriber (for example, the nurse or Physicians Assistant that is writing the prescription on behalf of the prescriber).
6. To expedite the dispensing process, you may FAX the prescriptions to the Regional Center pharmacy responsible for the individuals county of residence.  The original prescription MUST be mailed for a CII controlled substance (e.g. Adderall, Concerta, etc.) and/or if the prescription was written on a tamper-resistant prescription pad.  The original prescription should be mailed to:

Please note that the original prescription does not need to be mailed UNLESS a faxed prescription is sent for a CII controlled substance or the prescription was written on a tamper-resistant prescription pad and then faxed to the pharmacy.

7. To reorder medications, contact the dispensing pharmacy.  Please bear in mind that medications can take 5-7 days to arrive, so plan accordingly.
8. Medications that qualify for the LB95 program only include ones that are a component of the treatment plan and on the LB95 List of Available Medications.  No over-the-counter medications will be dispensed unless necessary for consumers mental health treatment.
9. Medications will be mailed via the United States Postal Service to the individuals address.
10. Questions: Review the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the Regional Center designated for your County directly.

Contact Information

Medication MAY NOT be picked up at the Regional Centers.
In case of an emergency contact the pharmacy.

Facility Phone Numbers
Lincoln Regional Center
Financial Responsibility Office:
PO Box 94949
Lincoln NE 68509-4949
(402) 479-5421
FAX: (402) 742-1153
Lincoln Regional Center Pharmacy
PO Box 94949
W. Prospector Place and Folsom
Lincoln, NE 68509-4949
(402) 479-5169
(402) 479-5343
FAX: (402) 479-5438
Norfolk Regional Center Pharmacy
1700 North Victory Road
PO Box 1209
Norfolk NE 68702-1209

(402) 370-3318
FAX: (402) 370-3144


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