Nebraska Mental Health Board Prescription Assistance Program

Formally known as Psychiatric Medications for the Indigent,

Commonly referred to as the LB 95 Program


  • Is there a program people can enroll in if they can’t afford the medication they need for the treatment of mental illness?
    Yes. A person may be able to receive some medications at low or no cost through a state program to support his or her recovery. This assistance is known as the “LB 95 Program”. Medications are provided through either the Lincoln Regional Center Pharmacy or Norfolk Regional Center Pharmacy, depending on where the participant lives in the state.
  • Who is eligible for this program?
    There are three requirements for eligibility:
    1. A Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Board inpatient or outpatient commitment
    2. The person must be in active recovery.
    3. The person must be able to show a lack of Medicaid/Medicare or other health insurance. 
  • How does someone enroll?
    The best way is to start at the office or clinic where a person is prescribed medication for the treatment of mental illness. The office staff can fax or mail scripts to Lincoln Regional Center (LRC) Pharmacy or Norfolk Regional Center (NRC) Pharmacy and help submit the paperwork for the Financial Responsibility Office. The paperwork for the Financial Responsibility Office can be obtained by calling (402) 479-5421.

  • What does the paperwork for the Financial Responsibility Office involve?
    It involves an affidavit and financial packet. The Financial Responsibility Office will mail the financial packet on request. Faxing the information to the Financial Responsibility Office will expedite the process.  LRC FR Office fax (402) 742-1153. Most providers will have this paperwork available in the office. See more information about the packet in the Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • Are there certain restrictions with what meds are provided, days supply, and number of refills?
    Yes, medications must be on the “List of Available Medications”. A maximum of a 30-day supply will be allowed for any medications. Prescriptions are limited to a maximum of 5 refills, with exceptions made for Clozapine. Prescriptions are valid for six months on controlled substances and one year on all others. See more information in the Frequently Asked Questions section
    PLEASE NOTE: Generic Substitution is utilized unless the product is not commercially available as a generic.
  • How will the provider know whether to send the scripts to the LRC Pharmacy or NRC Pharmacy?
    The state is divided up into regions 1 through 6.
    NRC Pharmacy handles LB 95 requests for residents of regions 1, 2, 4, and 6.
    LRC Pharmacy handles LB 95 requests for residents of regions 3 and 5.
    Here is a map and county list by region. See more information in the Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • How does the provider contact the pharmacy? 
    • LRC Pharmacy fax (402) 479-5438 or phone (402) 479-5169.
      Mailing address:
      Lincoln Regional Center Pharmacy
      801 West Prospector Place
      Lincoln NE 68522
    • NRC Pharmacy fax (402) 370-3144 or phone (402) 370-3318.
      Mailing address:
      Norfolk Regional Center Pharmacy
      1700 North Victory Road
      PO Box 1209
      Norfolk, NE 68702-1209

  • What information does the provider need to give to the pharmacy?
    1. Complete prescription information (Name, DOB, address, medication, directions, indication, quantity, number of refills, prescriber signature and DEA#)
    2. Where the medication is to be mailed
    3. Pertinent medical information, such as allergies.  A completed health form.
    4. Contact phone number for the clinic and/or prescriber. 
  • How do the meds arrive?
    Medications are sent via UPS from LRC or USPS from NRC to the clinic where active treatment is provided. 
  • Who can be contacted with questions about medication?
    Contact the provider, or one of the pharmacists at: LRC Pharmacy phone (402) 479-5169. NRC Pharmacy phone (402) 370-3318.

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