Nebraska Mental Health Board Prescription Assistance Program
Formally known as Psychiatric Medications for the Indigent,
Commonly referred to as the LB 95 Program
Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Why is it called the LB 95 Program?
    In 1981, Legislative Bill 95 (LB 95) was approved by the Nebraska Unicameral and signed into law. This bill authorized the provision of commonly used medications for the treatment of mental illness and medications used to treat the common side effects of said medications for any indigent person having been committed for inpatient or outpatient mental health treatment.  
  • How does someone apply for LB 95 benefits?
    A person or guardian must complete the Affidavit for Outpatient Medication Request Form with signature and notarization, and return it to:

    Lincoln Regional Center
    Financial Responsibility Office
    801 West Prospector Place
    Lincoln NE 68522
    Fax (402) 742-1153  

    The LRC Financial Responsibility Office (402) 479-5421 handles all applications for LB 95 benefits.  A Financial Questionnaire  (which can be obtained from the LRC Financial Responsibility Office as well as some provider’s offices across the state) must be completed for the current fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) and for every fiscal year following.

    In addition, prescription information and health form  need to be sent via fax or mail to the Lincoln Regional Center Pharmacy or Norfolk Regional Center Pharmacy. Click here for pharmacy contact information.

  • How can someone check on the status of LB 95 benefits?
    Contact the Lincoln Regional Center Financial Responsibility Office (402) 479-5421.
  • Is a new affidavit required if a person changes providers?
     Yes, a new affidavit must be sent to the LRC Financial Responsibility Office if a person changes providers. This is necessary for billing and recordkeeping.

  • Is LB 95 going to provide all medications?
    No, LB 95 will only provide medications prescribed by the participant’s treating provider as necessary for his or her mental health treatment. Only medications on the List of available medications  are provided.  
      • Where will the medications come from?
        The state is divided into regions, and medications are supplied by the Regional Center that serves the county in which the participant is presently residing.
        Participants residing in Regions 3 or 5 are serviced by the Lincoln Regional Center Pharmacy.
        Participants residing in Regions 1, 2, 4, and 6 are serviced by the Norfolk Regional Center Pharmacy.
        Here is a list of Counties by Region or use this map.  Click for pharmacy contact information.
  • Are medications sent automatically each month?
    No. Check with the provider on how refills are handled. Participants are encouraged to keep track of how many days of medication they have left, since refills can take 3-7 days to arrive.
  • Are LRC and NRC going to provide these medications as long as they are needed?
    No, this should be a transitional service, meant to provide psychiatric medications until Medicare/Medicaid or 3rd party benefits are available, at which time medications shall be obtained from the individual’s pharmacy of choice. It is the responsibility of the individual or his/her representative to notify the LRC Financial Responsibility Office of a change in benefits.  Find more information on Medicare/Medicaid benefits.
    • If an individual does not receive his/her medications from LRC Pharmacy or NRC Pharmacy for 6 months, he or she will be discharged from the program.
  • Why do some people get all of the psychiatric medications paid for and other receive a bill for some of the cost?
    All participants receive a bill at full cost until the Financial Questionnaire  is returned and approved. Individuals are responsible for the cost of their medications to their ability to pay based on the Rules and Regulations set by the Nebraska Financial Responsibility Law of 1969. See details here: and . We do not want to create a financial hardship for anyone and our Financial Responsibility Office is available to answer any questions you might have in regard to this issue. Once an ability to pay has been established, a letter will be sent stating the amount owed per month. 
  • Is it possible to request something be added to the List of Available Medications?
    Yes, the committee that manages the List of Available Medications meets regularly. The formulary request form can be found here, and submitted via mail or fax to:
Lincoln Regional Center Pharmacy
801 West Prospector Place
Lincoln, NE 68522
Fax (402) 479-5438

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