Gamblers Assistance Program
Training & Resources

Recent legislation (LB6) was passed into law that transfers the Gamblers Assistance Program (GAP) from administration under DHHS to an independent Commission located within the Department of Revenue effective July 1, 2013. This law mandates the transition of authority for the administration of the publicly funded problem gambling service system in Nebraska and also includes the training program and certification of problem gambling counselors. For interim questions regarding GAP, please leave a message with the Nebraska Department of Revenue at 1-877-564-1315 or 402-471-5937 after July 1, 2013.

Recommended links for information, finding help to treat services and educational resources include:
  • National Council on Problem Gambling - Gives links to affiliate councils in the United States and general information on problem gambling.
  • Iowa Office of Gambling Treatment and Prevention - The Iowa Gambling Treatment Program provides outpatient counseling for families, concerned persons, and gamblers affected by problem gambling.
  • Missouri Alliance to Curb Problem Gambling - Recognizes the need to address the social problems and costs that are created when some individuals, regardless of their number, have problems handling the product or services that the state and gaming industry provide.
  • Lane County PG Prevention Program - Set up to increase community knowledge on problem gambling problems and finding services that point to good ways to gambling prevention.
  • Problem Gambling Resources - Their goal is to maximize resources and streamlining information within the problem gambling world, giving special emphasis on information for workforce development. This site is maintained by The Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand.
  • The Brief Addiction Science Information Source ( BASIS) - a virtual institute to advance addiction science, and addiction-related education and clinical services.
  • Division on Addictions -  an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, their mission is to strengthen worldwide understanding of addiction through innovative research, education, and the global exchange of information.


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