Gamblers Assistance Program
Prevention & Outreach

Recent legislation (LB6) was passed into law that transfers the Gamblers Assistance Program (GAP) from administration under DHHS to an independent Commission located within the Department of Revenue effective July 1, 2013. This law mandates the transition of authority for the administration of the publicly funded problem gambling service system in Nebraska and also includes the training program and certification of problem gambling counselors. For interim questions regarding GAP, please leave a message with the Nebraska Department of Revenue at 1-877-564-1315 or 402-471-5937 after July 1, 2013. 


When it comes to problem gambling, it is important to know that Gambling is not always a risk-free activity.

Learning the Warning Signs, where to go for help and how to help someone in need are the first steps in recognizing problem gambling.

To see more on gambling statistics, see Reports/Studies.

It is important to teach everyone about gambling, including counselors, youth workers, organizations and neighborhoods. The Nebraska GAP follows a public wellness model puts more importance on:

  • Youth
  • Outreach Activities
  • Elder Population