Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Process
Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Act Reference Manual 2015
Revised January 2016

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The Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Act Reference Manual will be the only training available for the Mental Health Commitment Boards in the State of Nebraska.  Upon completion of the review of this manual, prospective Mental Health Board members shall  fill out the required information in Part 6, have the Affidavit on the reverse of the page notarized, and send it to the Division of Behavioral Health (can be printed as separate pages or one two-sided page, but both pages need to be mailed to the Division of Behavioral Health). 

This affidavit shall serve as proof of the completion of this training, and is valid for four years from the date on the Affidavit. The Division of Behavioral Health will confirm receipt of the completed Affidavit via a written letter.

* Synopsis of NRS Sec. 71-916   DHHS shall provide training to members/alternates. No person shall remain on a MHB or be eligible for appointment unless he/she has attended and satisfactorily completed such training pursuant to rules and regulations adopted by DHHS.

Forms are presented in the Manual and can be seen separately below to facilitate uniformity among the several Mental Health Commitment Boards of the State.  Mental Health Commitment Boards are formed by District Court Judicial District in Nebraska.  Each Judicial District has at least one commitment board to fulfill the intent of the Commitment Act (NRRS 71-915)
Instructional Page for persons seeking relief of Firearm Disability


Nebraska Statewide Directory of Resources for Sex Offender Outpatient Treatment - Updated July 2015


The Process and Initial Proceedings: 
Peace Officer Certificate - Emergency Admittance Pursuant to Certificate of Peace Officer



Mental Health Emergency Assessment
Admission Process for the Regions - Flow Chart of Mental Health Commitment


Transportation Costs Determination Flow Chart
PDF Format    Word Format


Mental Health Professionals Certificate and Recommendations:


Mental Health Professional Certificate 
PDF Format     Word Format

Provider Treatment Plan Recommendations to Mental Health Board 
PDF Format    Word Format

Mental Health Board Documentation:

Mental Health Board Order  [Alleged to be Mentally Ill and Dangerous]
PDF Format     Word Format

Order Of Mental Health Board to Inpatient Facility [Admission Order to Inpatient Facility]
PDF Format     Word Format

Outpatient Commitment Order
PDF Format    Word Format

Subject Being Placed on Outpatient Treatment  [Admission Order to Outpatient]
PDF Format    Word Format

Warrant to take Custody of Outpatient [Pending Hearing]
PDF Format    Word Format

Order of Mental Health Board to Sheriff  [Arrest for Absent With out Authorization]
PDF Format    Word Format

Notice of Release from Commitment
PDF Format    Word Format

Release of Firearm Disability Form - [kept with records - clerks amend commit report to state]

PDF Format   Word Format


Clerks Commitment Reporting:

A - Electronic Reporting of Commitments General Guidance and Manual:  

Two Presentations to District Court Clerks June 2012 Electronic Reporting  NSP   DHHS

Presentation to Clerks Meeting 12-12-12

Electronic Commitment Reporting Application User Manual   

Clerk Meeting Presentations 6-19-2014

1- Clerk Responsibilities
2 - Assessment of Dangerousness
3 - ECRA Reporting
4 - Recovery

Video Training Guides:  
  Segment 1 -Enterprise   Segment 2 - Creating record   Segment 3 - Discharge
If you have any trouble opening the videos, click the CONTINUE button at the bottom of the screen.

B - Guidance to Mental Health Boards Restoration of Second Amendment Rights
(Fire-arm Disability Related Relief)

1 - A Summary statement on restoration of gun-rights from DHHS;
2 - American Psychological Association Panel of Experts Report on "____ Gun Violence: Prediction, Prevention, and Policy___" (2013);  
3 - Consortium of Risk Based Firearm Policy on "___Guns, Public Health, and Mental Illness; An Evidence-Based Approach for State Policy ___" (2013)
4 - Letter to Mental Health Boards regarding granting Fire-Arm Disability ReliefLetterToMHBoards.pdf
FBI Guidance Documents on Federal Prohibitors Added 11-12-14



The Process and Initial Proceedings - Sex Offender:

Peace Officer Certificate - Sex Offender - Emergency Admittance Pursuant to Certificate of Peace Officer
PDF Format    Word Format

Mental Health Professionals Certificate and Recommendations - Sex Offender - Mental Health Professional Certificate 
PDF Format    Word Format

Mental Health Board Documentation - Sex Offender - Mental Health Board Order 
PDF Format    Word Format

Warrant of Admission (Inpatient) - Sex Offender 
PDF Format    Word Format


For more information contact:  
Mikayla Johnson
Mental Health Board Training Coordinator

402-471-7859 (fax)
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Division of Behavioral Health
301 Centennial Mall South

PO Box 95026
Lincoln, NE  68509



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