Prescription Drug Overdose

Nebraska Injury Prevention Program
Prescription Drug Overdose
The Injury Prevention Program is working with partners to increase awareness of the dangers and risks of prescription drug overdoses. Prescription drug overdose (PDO) has been a steadily growing problem since 1992, with a 102% increase from 1999 to 2010 alone. The rate of PDO deaths in Nebraska is rising even faster than the national average, but by taking precautionary measures, we can prevent the growth of this problem.
An important tool to combat prescription drug overdose is a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP). Nebraska’s PDMP is a unique statewide tool that collects dispensed prescription information and is housed on the Health Information Exchange platform.  The Nebraska PDMP is a public health model focusing on patient safety. The PDMP website contains more information for prescribers, dispensers and consumers. 
Some of the steps that can be taken to help prevent prescription drug overdose include: proper storage and disposal of medications, teaching children and adults about the safe use of prescription and non-prescription drugs, and supporting and seeking treatment for individuals in recovery from drug addiction.
For more information about proper disposal of prescription and over the counter medications and take back programs, visit the Nebraska Meds website.
The Nebraska Regional Poison Center provides families with a 24-hour, toll-free poison information line for the safety of citizens. To call toll free, dial 1-800-222-1222. The Center’s specially-trained team of nurses, physician assistants and physicians will assess any situation and recommend treatments in a matter of minutes. When dealing with poisonings, those few precious minutes could save a life.
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Fact sheet and Reports
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Special Emphasis Report Prescription Drug Overdose 1999-2013.pdfSpecial Emphasis Report Prescription Drug Overdose 1999-2013Nebraska special emphasis report on prescription drug overdose 1999 - 2013
Special Emphasis Report Prescription Drug Overdose 1999-2014.pdfSpecial Emphasis Report Prescription Drug Overdose 1999-2014Nebraska special emphasis report on prescription drug overdose 1999 - 2014
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