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Child Abuse
I Have the Power
Everyone has the power to protect a child. The people in this ad will show you how to make a difference.
Duration: 00:00:36, Published: 04/08/04 - Source: DHHS
Little Olivia
A neighbor knew something was wrong when she saw a dirty, hungry little Olivia. Find out what she did to help.
Duration: 00:00:33, Published: 04/08/04 - Source: DHHS
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Never, Never, Never Shake a Baby
Duration: 00:00:30, Published: 09/16/04
Some Things You Shake... Some Thing You Don't
Duration: 00:00:30, Published: 09/16/04
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Every year in this country, thousands of babies and young children suffer from brain damage, blindness or death as a result of Shaken Baby Syndrome.  Learn ways to cope with the frustration that can cause you to injury your baby.
Duration: 00:05:38, Published: 09/16/04
Child Care Provider Training
Part 1     Part 2
This two-part presentation covers authorization, attendance, billing and payment procedures that licensed child care providers need to follow.
Duration: Approximately 30-minutes total, Published: 02/05/09 - Source: DHHS
World Day on the Mall
World Day on the Mall is an annual celebration of diversity and the service of Nebraska state employees through ethnic food, music, entertainment, and information about our global society.
Duration: 00:07:13, Published: 02/03/05 - Source: DHHS
Domestic Violence
"STOP Domestic Violence" is the key message in the newest television and radio spot from the Department of Health and Human Services. This spot focuses on kids and how they’re affected by domestic violence.
Duration: 00:00:37, Published: 01/20/05 - Source: DHHS
Earned Income Tax Credit
You Earned It... So Claim It
If you have a paying job, or kids under 17 year old, you may be eligible for certain tax credits.  Learn how to receive free tax assistance.
Duration: 00:00:32, Published: 01/07/05 - Source: DHHS
Worried about the H1N1 Flu? Here's what you need to know.
30-Second PSA featuring Dr. Joann Schaefer, Chief Medical Officer, State of Nebraska
Duration: 00:00:30, Published: 10/09/09 - Source: DHHS
Nebraska State Immunization Information System (NESIIS) - Demo & Training Videos
Eleven videos providing an overview of the NESIIS system and advise of ways to perform specific functions.
Duration: Varies, Published: 2/25/11 - Source: DHHS
SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Safe Sleep for Your Baby
SIDS is the major cause of death in babies from one month to one year old.  Learn to reduce the risk.
Duration: 00:04:18, Published: 04/08/04 - Source: DHHS
West Nile Virus
Fight the Bite
Learn how to protect yourself from West Nile Virus.
Duration: 00:00:33, Published: 06/21/04 - Source: CDC