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Nebraska Rabies Cases 2016

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Historical Case Data:
Cyclical peaks occur every 5-7 years. 


KSU Rabies Submission Form
For any submission involving potential human exposure, please call 402-471-2937 prior to specimen submission to determine eligibility for State-paid testing.

CDC Rabies Information

2016 CASES
There have been 18 cases reported in Nebraska in 2016 (year-to-date).
Number Species County City Human/Pet Exp. Lab Date
​1 ​Skunk ​Frontier Curtis None reported ​01/27/2016
​2 ​Skunk ​Frontier ​McCook ​None reported ​​03/29/2016
​3 ​Bat ​Lancaster ​Lincoln ​None reported ​05/16/2016
​4 ​Bat ​Richardson ​Falls City ​Human and dog ​05/24/2016
​5 ​Bat ​Antelope ​Orchard ​Cat ​05/25/2016
​6 ​Bat ​Dakota ​Dakota City ​Human ​06/21/2016
​7 ​Bat ​Douglas ​Omaha ​Human ​​06/29/2016
​8 ​Bat ​Polk ​Stromsburg ​Human ​07/07/2016
​9 ​Bovine ​Chase ​Enders ​Human ​07/19/2016
​10 ​Bat ​Douglas ​Omaha ​Human ​07/22/2016
​11 ​Bat ​Douglas ​Omaha ​Human ​08/10/2016
​12 ​Bat ​Lancaster ​Lincoln ​Cat ​08/18/2016
​13 ​Bat ​Douglas ​Omaha ​Human ​08/24/2016
​14 ​Bat ​Sarpy ​Bellevue ​​Human ​08/24/2016
​15 ​Bat ​Douglas Omaha ​Human ​08/30/2016
​16 ​Bat ​Polk ​Osceola ​Human ​08/31/2016
​17 ​Bat ​Douglas ​Omaha ​Human ​08/31/2016
​18 ​Skunk ​Scotts Bluff ​Mitchell ​Dog ​09/06/2016


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