Title 477 -- Medicaid Eligibility 
New 1/1/2014  

Table of Contents

Title 477 (Complete)

Title 477 Appendix

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Overview of Eligibility Requirements

Chapter 3
Application Process

Chapter 4
Effective Date of Medicaid Eligibility

Chapter 5
Citizenship/Alien Status and Identity

Chapter 6
State Residency

Chapter 7
Age and Date of Birth

Chapter 8
Social Security Number

Chapter 9

Chapter 10
Fair Hearing Processes

Chapter 11
Living Arrangement

Chapter 12
Third Party Liability and Child Support Enforcement

Chapter 13
Medicaid Benefits Provided in Error

Chapter 14
Household or Unit Size

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17
Relative Responsibility for Non-Filing Households

Chapter 18
Pregnant Women, Parent/Caretaker Relatives, Children, 599 CHIP, Former Wards, and Hospital Presumptive

Chapter 19
Household/Unit Size

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Chapter 22
Relative Responsibility

Chapter 23
AABD/MA Budgeting and Spousal Impoverishment Budgeting

Chapter 24
Aged, Blind, and Disabled Medicaid, Medically Needy, Medicaid Insurance for Workers With Disabilities, Women's Cancer Program, Former Foster Care, Child Welfare Medicaid and Emergency Medical Assistance

Chapter 25
Child Welfare, IV-E Medicaid 


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