Title 471 -- Nebraska Medicaid Program Services

Table of Contents

Title 471 (Complete)

Title 471 Appendix

Chapter 1           Amended 7/23/14

Chapter 2
Provider Participation

Chapter 3            Amended 4/28/14  
Payment for Medicaid Services

Chapter 4
Ambulance Services

Chapter 5
Chiropractic Services

Chapter 6
Dental Services

Chapter 7            Amended 6/7/14
Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies

Chapter 8
Hearing Aids

Chapter 9            Amended 12/22/14
Home Health Agencies

Chapter 10          Amended 10/20/15  
Hospital Services

Chapter 11
Indian Health Service (IHS) Facilities

Chapter 12          Amended 10/20/15
Nursing Facility Services

Chapter 13
Private-Duty Nursing Services

Chapter 14
Occupational Therapy Services

Chapter 15
Personal Assistance Services

Chapter 16
Pharmacy Services

Chapter 17
Physical Therapy Services

Chapter 18
Physicians' Services

Chapter 19
Podiatry Services

Chapter 20           Amended 10/22/14   
Psychiatric Services for Individuals Age 21 and Older

Chapter 21
Rehabilitation Care in Hospitals

Chapter 22
Respiratory Therapy Services

Chapter 23
Speech Pathology and Audiology Services

Chapter 24
Visual Care Services

Chapter 25
Special Education School Based Services

Chapter 26
Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) Services

Chapter 27          Amended 7/23/14
Medical Transportation Services

Chapter 28          Last Updated 9/29/2013        
Presumptive Eligibility

Chapter 29
Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC's)

Chapter 30
Payment for Health Insurance Premiums

Chapter 31          Amended 10/20/15
Services in Intermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (ICF/DDs)

Chapter 32          Amended 10/22/14  
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Services for Children and Adolescents

Chapter 33
Health Checks and Treatment Services for Conditions Disclosed during Health Checks (EPSDT)

Chapter 34
Rural Health Clinics (RHC's)

Chapter 35           Amended 8/10/15 
Rehabilitative Psychiatric Services

Chapter 36
Hospice Services

Chapter 37
Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly

Chapter 38
Estate Recovery

Chapters 39-40

Chapter 41
Medical Services Covered by Child Welfare Funds

Chapter 42
Freestanding Birth Centers

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