Title 477 -- Medicaid Eligibility


Number Name
477-000-002 ​Renewal Process
477-000-003 ​Citizenship/Identity
477-000-004 ​Verification Plan/Verification and Document Guide
477-000-005 ​Standardized CSE Referrals for Medicaid
477-000-006 ​Determination of Medicaid Budgeting Procedures
477-000-007 ​Taxable and Non-Taxable Income Examples
477-000-008 ​Deductions Using MAGI-Based Methodology
477-000-009 ​Examples: Combined Budgeting Procedures
477-000-010 ​Requirement to File Income Taxes
477-000-011 ​Examples: Income Treatment in Medicaid
477-000-012 ​Income Levels/Federal Poverty Levels and Resources
477-000-013 ​Mileage Allowance
477-000-014 ​Resource Provisions
477-000-015 ​Third Party Liability
477-000-016 ​Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Program
477-000-017 ​Retroactive Medicaid
477-000-026 ​Basic Budgetary Allowance for Non-MAGI
477-000-028 ​Amounts Used for Budgeting Non-MAGI Couples (SIMP)
477-000-029 ​Calculation of Resources Reserved for Community Spouse
477-000-030 ​Treatment of Life Estate Income Examples
477-000-031 ​Real Property Sold on Contract
477-000-032 ​Deprivation of Resources
477-000-033 ​Deprivation of Resources Hardship Waiver Procedure
477-000-034 ​Resource Spend-Down
477-000-036 ​Liquid/Non-Liquid Resources for Non-MAGI
477-000-037 ​Medically Needy Standard
477-000-038 ​Life Estate and Remainder Interest Table
477-000-039 ​Life Expectancy Tables
477-000-040 ​State Review Team Referral
477-000-041 ​RSDI Verification
477-000-042 ​SIMP Procedures for AD Waiver at Home
477-000-043 ​Procedures for Assisted Living and Assisted Living Waiver Services
477-000-044 ​AABD Standard of Need
477-000-045 ​Share of Cost
477-000-046 ​Procedures for Medical Insurance for Workers with Disabilities
477-000-047 ​Examples: Transitional Medical Assistance
477-000-048 ​Transfer on Death Deed
477-000-049 ​Resource Review Verification Table
477-000-050 ​Property Excluded Regardless of Value
477-000-051 ​Partnership/S-Corporation Income
477-000-052 Non-MAGI Resource Verification Plan
477-000-058 ​(Reserved)
477-000-059 ​(Reserved)
477-000-061 ​Voter Registration Requirements

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