Title 469 -- Assistance to the Aged, Blind, or Disabled,
Nebraska Medical Assistance Program
and State Disability Program


Number Name
469-000-203 Medical Budget Charts
469-000-206 Deeming Budget Allocations
469-000-207 SSI Federal Benefit Rates
469-000-208 Life Estate Interest Table
469-000-211 AABD or SDP Standard of Need
469-000-212 Life Expectancy Tables
469-000-215 ​Resource Provisions
469-000-300 Verification and Documentation Guide
469-000-301 Citizenship and Identity
469-000-309 ​INS Documents
469-000-311 ​Maximum Home Equity Value
469-000-315 ​Deprivation of Resource Examples after February 8, 2006
469-000-324 Real Property Sold on Contract




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