Title 468 -- Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) Program


Number Name
468-000-203 185% Poverty Levels (for TMA-G)
468-000-207 ​Emergency Assistance Income and Payment Limits
468-000-208 ​SEW Tolerance Limit
468-000-209 ​Payment Maximum
468-000-212 ​Child Care Disregard for Grant
468-000-300 Verification and Documentation Guide
468-000-301 Citizenship and Identity
468-000-305 Examples of Standard Filing Unit
468-000-307 TANF Work Verification Plan
Determining the Maximum Number of Hours for Participation in Community Service
468-000-309 Employment First Supportive Service Guidelines
468-000-318 ​Excess Burial Funds
468-000-322 ​Living Situations and Payment
468-000-334 (Reserved)
468-000-336 ​Determination of Incapacity for Employment First
468-000-337 ​Income to be Deemed to Minor Parent
​​468-000-338 ​Unit Living as a Family
468-000-339 ​Home as a Resource
468-000-340 Non-Cooperation with Child Support Enforcement
468-000-341 ​Effective Date of Eligibility of a Pregnant Woman for a Grant
468-000-342 ​Examples of Budgeting Shelter Contributions
468-000-343 ​Examples of Unreported Income
468-000-344 ​Examples of Notice Requirements

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