Nebraska Licensing & Regulatory Affairs Reform (NCR)

Mary Maahs Becker, Program Manager


Nebraska Licensing & Regulatory Affairs Reform (NCR) started in 1997 with a two year study of the Health and Human Services regulatory system. A report published in 1999 included more than 140 recommendations for the regulatory system used by professions and occupations credentialed by the Department. Implementation of NCR recommendations has started. Progress on implementation of NCR recommendations would not be possible without stakeholder involvement. Our major stakeholders include boards, professions and occupations, and the public. Their on-going and active involvement in the review and critique of implementation plans is essential. The Department is very interested in and committed to making progress on implementation of the recommendations while recognizing that doing this right will take time. Director Dick Nelson appointed Helen Meeks, Licensing & Regulatory Affairs Administrator and David Montgomery, Administrative Services Administrator as sponsors for NCR implementation.

Small Dark Blue button NCR Part II Report. Published in January, 1999 and includes more than 140 recommendations. (NCR Part I Report, published in January, 1998, and contained recommendations regarding facility Licensing & Regulatory Affairs is not available online.)

Small Dark Blue button NCR Implementation Project Summary. Brief description of the project approach and progress to date.

The pdf iconFramework for Promoting Public Protection Through Regulation draft document contains several NCR concepts used in the implementation work.  The document focuses on criteria for Licensing & Regulatory Affairs, explanations of licensure levels and how to determine the appropriate level. 

Small Dark Blue button NCR 2003-2004 Pilot Projects.  The Department conducted two pilots of the Periodic Regulatory Evaluation Process (Nebraska PREP).  Nebraska PREP is designed to implement NCR recommendations for the evaluation of the State regulatory system for professions and occupations credentialed by the Department - a part of the NCR recommendations included in the Licensing & Regulatory Affairs review focus area.  The Board of Funeral Directing and Embalming and the Board of Physical Therapy agreed to be PREP pilot projects and committee reports are available:  pdf iconPhysical Therapy PREP Committee final report and pdf iconFuneral Directing and Embalming PREP Committee final report.

Small Dark Blue button NCR Public Forums. The Department sponsored public information sessions in 2000, 2001 and 2002 to present draft proposals and receive feedback (everyone is invited to comment in person or in writing).  This feedback has been invaluable in finalizing drafts that have gone on to become part of regulatory statutes.  Notification and agenda for future public meetings (usually held in the fall) will be posted to this web site.  Because of the pilot project, no public forums were held in 2003.  Click here to view a summary of comments received at the NCR public meetings held in 2002.  

Small Dark Blue button NCR Public Meetings.  The NCR Implementation Committee meets periodically to discuss and advise on very early implementation plan drafts.  This information is the foundation of the proposals presented in the fall.  The next NCR Implementation Committee meeting has not been set and may not be held until November 2004.  The meeting will be an open public meeting.

In 2004 the NCR Implementation Project will:

  • follow-up as necessary on the compliance assurance focus areas.

  • make significant progress on the Licensing & Regulatory Affairs review focus area - especially the Nebraska Periodic Regulatory Evaluation Process (PREP).  Nebraska PREP pilot projects should provide valuable  information about the Periodic Regulatory Evaluation Process.  The NCR Implementation Committee and Department will use the information to continue with NCR Implementation Project progress.

  • work on the Uniform Licensing Law rewrite.

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