Support Services

Support Services provides operational support to agency employees in the following areas:

  • Access Cards – Manages photo access cards which allow entry into DHHS secured areas.
  • Distribution Center - Handles and sorts the mail, provides office supplies, and manages the check out of equipment (conference phones, video equipment, slide projectors, flip charts) and state vehicles.
  • Forms and Publication Design Unit - Creates and coordinates printing of public, program and administrative forms and publications according to DHHS design standards and procedures.
  • Material Management Services Unit – Includes inventory management, equipment lease and purchase agreements, recycling, risk management, supplies, surplus property, and maintenance of DHHS vehicles.
  • Security Unit - DHHS is committed to providing a work environment that is safe, secure and free of harassment, threats, intimidation, and violence. Support Services assists in the assessment of security and access control systems, the development of evacuation and sheltering plans, and assessing building risk and remediation.
  • Service Contract Unit - Provides coordination, assistance, and training regarding service contracts in addition to being the central repository for all original service contracts.
  • Record Management Unit - Provides file storage assistance; prepares, monitors and updates retention schedules; and authorizes records for disposal.
  • Telecommunications Unit – Handles new phone orders, moves and problems and work surface adjustments.
  • Translation Unit – Provides translation of appropriate agency documents and materials into Spanish to meet the needs of those who are limited in their English proficiency.
  • Word Processing Center - Processes correspondence and other documents.