Operations, under the direction of the Chief Operating Officer, includes four units that provide support to all divisions of the Department of Health and Human Services. Operations is centralized in the Central Office in Lincoln, with some employees located across the state to support the Service Areas and 24-hour facilities.

Operations units include:

Human Resources and Development, which includes employee recruitment and selection, labor relations, classification and compensation, equity and diversity, organizational development, employee training, career development, supervisory support, human resource analysis and planning, and payroll processing.

Support Services, which includes records management, forms distribution, material management facilities and engineering, and administrative support services.

Operations Consulting is an internal consulting team that identifies, develops, implements, and evaluates business practices throughout DHHS for efficiency and effectiveness with a concentration on improved services, reduced costs and streamlined bureaucratic process. Work involves DHHS, state agencies and external stakeholders. The Operations Consulting Section also provides additional assistance to DHHS program staff to implement corrective action plans.

Internal Audit evaluates, identifies, and assists areas in need of improvements with their current processes and procedures.  They are also available to help with any federal or state audits conducted throughout DHHS.