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May 27, 2015

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DHHS Seat Belt Campaigns Focus on Personal Reminders

Lincoln – The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is launching a new campaign called “Seat Belts Are No Accident.”  The goal of the campaign is to increase seat belt use by reminding Nebraskans why buckling up is important.  DHHS also has a campaign geared specifically to teenagers.
“The facts tell the story,” said Courtney Phillips, DHHS Chief Executive Officer.  “Only 79 percent of Nebraskans regularly use seatbelts.  Of fatal car crashes, more than half of the people who die are not wearing a seatbelt.  Seatbelts clearly save lives so increasing usage helps decrease both injury and death.”
The “Seat Belts Are No Accident” campaign will begin by featuring statewide newspaper ads showing a father buckling his young daughter into a child safety seat, a young mother fastening her seat belt thinking of her lovely daughter, a teenage girl buckling up thinking about her best friend and a young man in a cowboy hat fastening his seat belt thinking about his girlfriend.  A later series of newspaper ads will focus on adults.  Radio public service announcements will also air statewide.
“Using a seat belt whenever driving or riding in a vehicle only takes seconds to use and can save a life,” said Laurie Klosterboer, Director of the Nebraska Safety Council.  “We can’t take back a car crash. Seat belts have a purpose and we want Nebraskans to think about why they should buckle up.”
DHHS also sponsors a program that promotes seat belt use called Teens in the Driver Seat (TDS), which has been adopted by 14 schools across the state.  With seat belt use the lowest among teens, it is essential to continually get the message out about why seatbelts are important.  Non-seat belt use is one of five areas of teen driver risk that TDS focuses on.  TDS is supported by DHHS, AAA Nebraska, Nebraska Office of Highway Safety, Nebraska Safety Council and State Farm.  Other schools in Nebraska are also encouraged to participate in the Teens in the Driver Seat program.
For more information about the “Seat Belts Are No Accident” campaign and Teens in the Driver Seat program, visit the DHHS Injury Prevention webpage at
Note:  2x2 display ads and radio PSAs are available for downloading at
Schools participating in the Teens in the Driver Seat program include:
  • Centura High School
  • Chambers High School
  • Creighton Community Schools
  • Exeter-Milligan High School
  • Fullerton Public Schools
  • Gering High School
  • Howells-Dodge Consolidated Schools
  • Lincoln Southwest High School
  • Malcolm High School
  • Medicine Valley High School
  • Norfolk High School
  • Scottsbluff High School
  • St. Edwards Public School
  • Waverly High School