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For Immediate Release
September 16, 2014

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Gov. Heineman Announces Behavioral Health Regions to Receive Additional Funds

Lincoln—Today, Gov. Dave Heineman announced that the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services will meet next week with the state’s six Behavioral Health Regions to discuss the allocation of funds that were not spent by the regions during the last fiscal year. Last year, the regions were allocated $71 million, with $4.2 million unspent. The funds are used for mental health, substance abuse and preventive services throughout the state.

“More than $4.2 million in general funds earmarked for behavioral health services, but not used by the Behavioral Health Regions, will be reallocated by the Department of Health and Human Services to be used for services this fiscal year,” said Gov. Heineman.

While Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provides funding, Nebraska’s six Behavioral Health Regions are established in state law as multi-county government entities, with each county appointing one county commissioner to represent that county and participate in the decision making of the regional board.

“These dollars are critical in the statewide delivery of mental health, substance abuse and preventive services, and the reallocation is consistent with legislative intent,” said Scot Adams, Director of the DHHS Division of Behavioral Health.

Adams said the approximate minimum funding available to each region is as follows: Region 1 $207,000; Region 2 $237,300; Region 3 $529,500; Region 4 $485,100; Region 5 $1,027,000; Region 6 $1,569,700.

Gov. Heineman added, “This funding is especially critical to Lancaster County and I am pleased that the State can assist them. Director Adams’ strong leadership has been crucial in this reallocation of funds.”

Nebraska’s six Behavioral Health Regions purchase services from providers in their area. If necessary, services are purchased from other service providers throughout Nebraska. A map of the regions is available at the DHHS website: