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November 13, 2009

Jeanne Atkinson, Communications and Legislative Services, (402) 471-8287


Behavioral Health Consumer Survey Shows Positive Results

Lincoln – People are generally satisfied with services they receive from mental health or substance abuse providers across the state, according to the 2009 Behavioral Health Consumer Survey.

“While we realize that not all consumers who were contacted chose to participate, this is a good statewide sampling and gives us a pretty good look at what they’re experiencing as a group,” said Scot Adams, director of the Division of Behavioral Health in the Department of Health and Human Services. “This information will be very useful as we continue to improve the behavioral health system.”

Results from the adult survey indicate that:

  • More than three-fourths (79.8%) of adult consumers were satisfied with their level of involvement in treatment planning;
  • 86.3% were satisfied with the services they received;
  • 87.8% responded positively to the questions related to quality and appropriateness of services; and
  • 82.1% thought that the services were accessible.

A number of parents or guardians responded to the youth survey on behalf of children ages 5 to 19 years old who were receiving services:

  • 67.7% indicated they were satisfied with the services their child received;
  • Over half (51%) had Medicaid coverage;
  • 82.0% responded positively to questions regarding cultural sensitivity including that staff were sensitive to cultural/ethnic backgrounds and the family’s religious/spiritual beliefs; and
  • 81.1% responded positively to questions regarding social connectedness, including that the responder felt they belonged to their community and would have support they needed from family and friends in a crisis.

Adams said that both surveys represent increasingly positive reports over last year’s survey.

The Department contracted with the University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Public Health, to conduct phone and mail surveys. The surveys can be found at