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June 2, 2009

Kathie Osterman, Communications and Legislative Services, (402) 471-9313


Six Former BSDC Residents No Longer Medically Fragile

Lincoln – Six former residents of the Beatrice State Developmental Center, who were determined to be medically fragile and moved to hospitals in early February, have stabilized and are no longer considered medically fragile.

In April, the DHHS Division of Development Disabilities asked hospital staff to assess the 16 people remaining in four hospitals. By last week, DHHS had received fourteen assessments from three hospitals. The two remaining assessments are currently being reviewed.

Dr. Nahib Ramadan, BSDC's Chief Medical Officer, reviewed the hospital assessments, BSDC medical records and conferred with hospital staff. He determined that the conditions of six of the individuals have improved and they are now considered stable. This means their guardians can consider placement at BSDC as well as options in community-based programs.

Dr. Ramadan determined eight individuals remain medically fragile and cannot return to BSDC at this time. They remain at high risk for unpredictable, potentially life-threatening complications and BSDC remains under a license restriction.

“We are asking guardians to consider community placement options,” said Jodi Fenner, DHHS legal counsel. "At this time, any resident of BSDC who becomes medically fragile must be transferred to a different setting."

If these six individuals express a desire to return to BSDC, transitions would not be immediate, as guardians must be consulted and transition plans put in place.

On January 31, 2009, the DHHS Division of Public Health issued an order prohibiting BSDC from caring for individuals who are medically fragile. BSDC’s Medical Director at the time assessed clients and arranged for the removal of those identified as medically fragile.