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March 24, 2008

Greg L. Votava, Communications and Legislative Services, (402) 471-4612


DHHS Provides Subscription Service for Website Users

Proactive communication makes it easier for residents to stay informed

Lincoln – The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is announcing the availability of a new digital subscription feature on its Website ( As part of the DHHS focus on services that make government more accessible and responsive, DHHS has added an email subscription service to its Website to keep people up-to-date on news and information.

Chief Executive Officer Chris Peterson said, "The service allows members of the public to subscribe to topics of interest and receive instant, automated email or wireless notification whenever DHHS posts new information." The notices include links that take subscribers directly to the updated content for more detail.

Webmaster Greg Votava added, "It’s easy to use - within a few clicks residents can sign up for updates on 166 different topics such as Medicaid provider bulletins, emergency announcements, news releases, job openings or children available for adoption." Subscribers can also tailor the frequency at which they receive notices: immediately upon posting, daily, weekly or monthly.

The new service will benefit both residents of Nebraska and DHHS itself. Residents stay better informed about subjects that are important to them, get information immediately and save time looking for information on the Website. DHHS improves responsiveness to the public, interacts more effectively through proactive communication, and plans to reduce paper use and delivery costs by sending information digitally instead of on paper.

Signing up is free, easy, and risk-free. Visitors to the DHHS website can click on the "Alerts" icon at the top right side of the homepage to see a list of pages that are available for subscription and sign up. The only information that’s required is an email address, and subscribers can change their subscription details or cancel the service at any time.

Web users can sign up at:

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