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March 12, 2008

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DHHS Takes Action to Ensure Safe Transportation of Clients  


Lincoln - The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has worked with Beneficial Behavioral Health Services (BBHS) to address issues that occurred on February 8 in Sarpy County.

"We immediately put BBHS on hold for transporting any DHHS client until a full investigation was completed and a corrective action plan was in place," said Todd Landry, director of the Division of Children and Family Services in DHHS.

DHHS has completed the investigation, discussed the corrective action plan with Beneficial Behavioral Health Services, and amended their contract to reflect needed changes. The hold prohibiting transportation of DHHS clients is now lifted.

Key points in BBHS’ corrective action plan include:

  • Drug testing of each employee at the time of hire and instituting a lottery system to drug test one staff member from each program each month.
  • Creating a policy that prohibits the use of over-the-counter drugs and/or prescription medications that cause drowsiness while transporting clients.
  • Creating a policy that states that any employee ticketed for speeding during transportation will be grounds for termination of employment.
  • Using personality testing to identify personality traits in candidates that best fit the job required by the position on a regular basis.

"The Department is committed to careful oversight and evaluation of this contract," said Landry. "If these steps lead to better outcomes and results, we will consider including these and other provisions for any service involving transportation of clients in future contracts."