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Division Directors


Format Size Description
Courtney N. Phillips ​JPEG 1.5 MB​

​Courtney N. Phillips, MPA
Chief Executive Officer

Calder A. Lynch ​JPEG ​Low Res ​Calder A. Lynch, Director
Division of Medicaid & Long-Term Care
Chief Medical Officer
Director, Division of Public Health
Hilgert-small-small.jpg (5542 bytes) JPEG 10,353 KB John Hilgert, Director,
Division of Veterans' Homes

Jodi Fenner

JPEG 9,079 KB Jodi Fenner, Acting Director,
Division of Developmental Disabilities

Clough-small-small.jpg (32780 bytes)

JPEG 13,328 KB Matt Clough,
Chief Operating Officer
Other DHHS Spokespersons

Dr. Tom Safranek

JPEG 269 KB Dr. Tom Safranek,
State Epidemiologist