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Division Directors


Format Size Description
Joseph M. Acierno, MD, JD JPEG 8.4 MB Joseph M. Acierno, MD, JD,
Acting Chief Executive Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Director, Division of Public Health
Department of Health and Human Services
Hilgert-small-small.jpg (5542 bytes) JPEG 10,353 KB John Hilgert, Director, Division of Veterans' Homes

Jodi Fenner

JPEG 9,079 KB Jodi Fenner, Director, Division of Developmental Disabilities

Clough-small-small.jpg (32780 bytes)

JPEG 13,328 KB Matt Clough, Chief Operating Officer
Other DHHS Spokespersons

Dr. Tom Safranek

JPEG 269 KB Dr. Tom Safranek,
State Epidemiologist