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Main Phone: (402) 471-9108    Main Fax: (402) 471-3996

Nebraska State Office Building - 3rd floor
P.O. Box 95026
301 Centennial Mall South
Lincoln NE 68509

Kathie Osterman

(402) 471-9313
Supervises and directs Department media, legislative, Helpline, public information and promotion activities.

Russ Reno
Public Information Officer

(402) 471-8287

Children and Family Services Lead & Media
Developmental Disabilities Lead & Media
Medicaid and Long-Term Care Lead & Media

Marla Augustine
Public Information Officer

(402) 471-4047

Public Health Lead & Media – Health Licensure and Investigation
Behavioral Health Lead & Media
Veterans’ Homes Lead & Media

Bryson Bartels
Legislative Coordinator

(402) 471-0541

Legislative Lead
Leah Bucco-White
Public Information Officer

(402) 471-9356
Public Health Lead & Media – Community Health Section
Social Media Lead
Emergency Response Support
Employee Website Homepage Support

Diana Duran
System Advocate

(402) 471-6035

DHHS Helpline
Assistant Webmaster
Dianna Seiffert
Public Information Officer

(402) 471-1695
Connections Editor and E-Connect
Employee Website Homepage Lead
Social Media Support
Greg Votava
Public Information Officer / Webmaster

(402) 471-4612
Webmaster - Public and Employee Websites

Mike Wight
Public Information Officer

(402) 471-3486

Productions Lead
Emergency Response Lead
Technical Support (Security Manager, PowerPoint, Projectors, etc.)

Bill Wiley
Public Information Officer

(402) 471-6585

PR Campaigns and Social Marketing Lead
Public Health Support (Health Promo, Lifespan Health)
Photography Lead

Ashley Hartman
Public Information Officer
(402) 471-9108

Legislative Assistant
Social Media Support
Newspaper Review/Share
Electronic Database Management – Legislation, Media Contacts, News Releases
Webmaster Support
Highlights Newsletter