Employee Performance Evaluations

“Helping people live better lives” is something we, as DHHS employees, do every day.  Every DHHS employee plays an integral role within the agency.  To ensure everyone has the opportunity to perform their jobs to the fullest and to develop their skills, it is important to receive feedback regarding performance standards.  This is accomplished, in part, through the performance evaluation process. 

The Performance Evaluation Process

A performance evaluation is designed to provide you with formal feedback regarding your job performance through:
·         clear expectations of performance dimensions and shared values and core competencies
·         an appraisal of performance on performance dimensions, essential job duties and goals and whether they are performed or demonstrated with excellence; and
·         a conversation on development and growth

The Employee Development Center (performance management system)
In 2013, the State of Nebraska implemented a new statewide performance evaluation system which can be accessed through the Employee Development Center (EDC), located at http://link.nebraska.govAnnual performance evaluations due on and after March 14, 2013 will be completed in the EDC.  End-of-probation and special evaluations due on and after November 1, 2013 will be completed in the EDC.
The Annual and End-of-Probation/Special performance evaluation forms in EDC consist of three sections: 
·         Lominger Ten Performance Dimensions – every employee receiving an evaluation will be evaluated on these Ten Performance Dimensions.  A list of these performance dimensions and a short description of each can be found in the attachment below.  This section is worth 45% of the overall Annual Performance Review rating.
·         Essential Job Duties – each employee, with the approval of your supervisor, will create essential job duties.  Essential job duties are comprised of the specific tasks assigned to us on a daily basis.  This section is worth 45% of the overall Annual Performance Review rating.
·         Performance Goals – each employee, with the approval of your supervisor, will create performance goals.  For this section, all DHHS employees should select a minimum of five descriptors from the DHHS Values and Core Competencies.  A list of these can be found in the attachment below.  This section is worth 10% of the overall Annual Performance Review rating. 
PDF DHHS Values and Core Competencies

Where to go for Help
Tutorials and User Guides may be found under the help section of the LINK website (http://link.nebraska.gov).  Please direct any technical or system related questions to the LINK help desk at as.linkhelp@nebraska.gov or 402-471-6234. 
Any questions regarding performance management or the evaluation process may be directed to your designated Human Resources & Development representative.  For your reference, a list of frequently asked questions and answers is also provided below.
Multiple communication notices have been sent to DHHS employees regarding the agency’s transition to the Employee Development Center.  For your reference, a list of those communications follow:
PDF Performance Evaluations in the Employee Development Center (Sent to all DHHS Supervisors on February 1, 2013)
PDF Update on Statewide Performance Management System (Sent to all DHHS Employees on January 15, 2013)
PDF Statewide Performance Management System (Sent to all DHHS Supervisors on November 2, 2012)
PDF State of Nebraska Employee Performance Management System Announcement (Sent to all DHHS Employees on October 10, 2012)

OnBase (prior performance management system)
Prior to the implementation of the EDC, performance evaluations for DHHS employees were completed in OnBase.  Annual evaluations transitioned to the EDC system with performance evaluations due on or after March 14, 2013.  End-of-probation and special evaluations will be completed in OnBase through October 31, 2013.  After October 31, 2013, the OnBase system will no longer be available for performance evaluations.  Instructions and FAQs regarding the OnBase system are provided below. 

Comments on your Evaluation
Every employee has the opportunity to provide additional comments to be attached to your completed performance evaluation.  Comments must be received within 30 calendar days from the date your performance evaluation was presented.  Comments should be submitted directly to your supervisor conducting your performance evaluation.  Your comments will be attached to your completed performance evaluation in the Employee Development Center.  Comments submitted for evaluations completed in OnBase will be filed in your official personnel file.  You may use the form below as a guide when submitting additional comments; however, use of this form is not required to submit comments.

Other Useful Tools

Running Leave Reports out of KRONOS:

Attention: Children and Family Services (CFS) Supervisor Only
CFS Supervisors will utilize the Competency Development Tool (CDT) to assist in the measurement and documentation of Trainee and Probationary Child & Family Services Specialist (CFSS) Performance. The Supervisor is required to complete the CDT and send it to HR when the Trainee has met the minimum standards of performance.
The Supervisor's documentation of Satisfactory Trainee/Probationary Specialist Performance in the CDT is the trigger for the promotion from Trainee to CFS Specialist on original probation status.  This is the indication of the CFS Specialist’s readiness to work independently with families or children assigned to their caseload.
The supervisor is required to complete the 6-month and 12-month DHHS Performance Evaluation.

 MS Word Document Competency Development Tool (CDT)

For more information, contact:
Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services
Human Resources & Development
301 Centennial Mall South, 5th Floor
P.O. Box 95026
Lincoln, NE 68509-5026
Phone: (402) 471-9240
FAX: (402) 471-6682
E-mail: dhhs.humanresourcesanddevelopment@nebraska.gov

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