Human Resources is responsible for processing payroll, benefit changes, and leave adjustments for employees. Please contact HR regarding any payroll, benefit, or address changes. An email can be sent to:  An HR representative will respond and assist you with the change.

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Biweekly pay dates are every other Wednesday.   Pay stubs are posted on-line via the Payroll and Financial Center on the LINK website ( a few days before each pay date for employees to review and print.   On-line pay stubs include leave and deduction information.   For assistance in learning how to read your pay stub, please see  Understanding Your Paystub.

It is important for employees to provide any address and telephone number changes to their Human Resources representative promptly by signing on to the Employee Work Center at and updating their contact information.  The address on file with Human Resources is where your W-2, retirement statements, insurance cards, and other important information will be sent.  For assistance in learning how to update your contact information, please see Employee Contact Changes.pdf.

If you are an employee located within the 24-hour facilities, please see the2016BiweeklyPayScheduleMon-Sun workweek(Facility).pdf2016 Biweekly Pay Schedule Mon-Sun (Facility) Workweek for details on your pay periods and pay dates. If you are an employee located within one of our five service areas or Central Administration, please see the Workweek for details on your pay periods and pay dates. If you are an employee located within one of our five service areas or Central Administration, please see the 2016BiweeklyPayScheduleSat-Fri workweek(Non-Facility).pdf2016 Biweekly Pay Schedule Sat-Fri (Non-Facility) Workweek for details on your pay periods and pay dates.   Workweek for details on your pay periods and pay dates.

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Reporting Hours
Employees use Kronos to report time worked and leave used.   Within the 24-hour facilities, employees report work hours through a clock-in mechanism.   Outside of the 24-hour facilities, employees report their hours on-line through the web-based Kronos system.   Employees should check with their supervisor or Human Resources for information about the proper way to report work time and leave used.

DHHS employees must comply with the requirements of the Wage & Hour Division in tracking and reporting work time.  Please see PDF Wage and Hour Notice to Employees for the specific employee responsibilities related to Wage & Hour laws.

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Direct Deposit
All payroll payments must be made through Direct Deposit to an account held in any financial institution the employee chooses or onto an Focus payroll card. Net wages (wages after taxes and deductions) are directly deposited into an employee's checking/savings account(s) or onto their payroll card the morning of payday.   Employees may split their net wages among several different accounts and banks including the payroll card.  

Employees may elect to sign up for an Focus payroll card.  The payroll card is a reloadable prepaid MasterCard debit card (not a credit card!).   Payroll wages are deposited on the card on payday.  The employee can then use the card just as they would use a regular debit card to get cash, buy groceries, pay bills, etc.

New employees are required to complete the PDF Direct Deposit Agreement form and provide documentation of the checking and/or savings account and routing numbers to their Human Resources and Development representative.   Employees who do not have a checking or savings account to directly deposit their payroll to, will be required to sign up for the PDF Focus payroll card.   A Direct Deposit Agreement form and a Payroll Card Sign-Up form must both be completed.

Financial institution changes or account number designations must be made online through the Employee Work Center at  Employees must update their account information on the Employee Work Center BEFORE closing any bank accounts. Failure to do so could result in a delay in wages received. 

For assistance in learning how to update your direct deposit information online, please see PDF Direct Deposit Changes.

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Tax Changes
Tax withholdings may be changed by completing a new PDF W-4 form and submitting it to Human Resources. 

Employees may choose to receive their annual W-2 tax form either electronically or via a paper form mailed to their home.  Employees who receive a paper copy will still have access to view and print additional copies of their current or prior year W-2.  Please see the PDF instructions for how to elect your W-2 receipt option and how to view/print copies of your W-2 form.

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