Procedures to Implement the Work Reassignment Opportunity

(Effective November 2003)

The WRO provision is referenced in Appendix C.3 of the current labor contract NAPE/AFSCME Labor Contract. Key points to this provision are as follows:

  1. The employee who requests to WRO needs to be employed within the Service Area which has the vacancy. He/she may not WRO to a different Service Area.
  2. Vacant positions will be posted for no more than five (5) workdays.
  3. New employees may not use the WRO process for the first 24 months of their employment.
  4. An employee can successfully use the WRO process only once every 24 months.

VACANCY POSTING: The WRO process will be the first internal posting conducted for qualifying classifications. The qualifying classifications are: Child and Family Services Specialist and Social Services Worker. All posting notifications will include the advertisement format currently used, any special qualifications, instructions on how to obtain a WRO request form, and a closing date.

The Human Resources & Development office, which supports the Service Area with the vacancy, will prepare the advertisement for the WRO position, will determine the closing date, and will display the posted vacancy at locations currently used in the Service Areas OR will announce the position via e-mail to employees in the qualifying classification.

WRO PROCESSING: Employees can obtain a PDFWRO request form from their local Human Resources & Development office for each vacancy posted. The employee can request a form by phone, E-mail, fax or in person. The WRO request form must be completed thoroughly, signed, and postmarked or returned to the Human Resources & Development office that supports the location with the vacancy, by the closing date. The form can be received by E-mail, U.S. mail, hand-delivered or faxed. DHHS employees should not submit the completed WRO form via interoffice mail, because there is no postmark date to document timeliness of submittal. The Human Resources & Development office will review the WRO form for completeness and determine if the employee meets the qualifications as set in the WRO provision.

If more than one employee applies for the same position, the Human Resources & Development office will determine which employee has the most seniority in that particular classification series . 


For more information, contact:
Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services
Human Resources & Development
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P.O. Box 95026
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Phone: (402) 471-9241
FAX: (402) 471-6682

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