Why Work for the
Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services?

Our employees give some reasons:

  • A variety of career ladders.
  • Able to make a positive difference in people’s lives.
  • Internal and external continuing education opportunities.
  • Options to transfer/travel to various locations in the state.
  • We are a helping organization and it feels good to help people.
  • A family-friendly atmosphere.
  • Able to watch people grow and accomplish goals in their lives due to the input and encouragement that you give them.
  • You really have an influence over the kind and quality of care Nebraska’s citizens receive – if you’re willing to care, work hard, and take risks.
  • Don’t you think the citizens of Nebraska deserve the very best public servants that we can find? That’s you!
  • For the opportunity to work with and learn from very talented, caring people.
  • People with many years experience and great expertise in their field/area.
  • People committed to helping others and making a difference.
  • Working for the Department of Health and Human Services gives people an opportunity to help others, to impact the future of our state, and to work in a variety of fields and geographic locations.
  • Can be part of moving Nebraska into the future and be on the cutting edge for services provided.

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