Employee Assistance Program

The DHHS offers employees confidential counseling and referral services through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The program is administered by Deer Oaks EAP Services.

Why was the program established?
At times, personal problems are hard to leave at home and begin to surface in the workplace. When this happens, professionally trained counselors are available to provide needed assistance.

This benefit, provided by Deer Oaks EAP Services, is designed to help employees and their families work through personal problems including, but not limited to, stress, depression, anxiety, workplace difficulties, substance abuse, marital problems, family or parenting conflicts, grief, violence and unhealthy lifestyles.  The EAP can also provide additional assistance with childcare and eldercare resources with referrals, financial and legal issues, child and parenting support services, retiree assistance, college resources and health coaching.

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Who will know?
When employees use the services of Deer Oaks EAP, they're assured of confidentiality. If an appointment is set up with a Deer Oaks EAP counselor, no one will know. All sessions are confidential, a critical element in Deer Oaks EAP’s success. Information is not released without the employee's written permission.

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What help is available?
Employees and their families can discuss personal problems openly and confidentially with a licensed professional counselor in a comfortable and relaxed setting. The counselor will help provide an objective viewpoint of the problem and guide employees toward potential solutions.

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What is the cost?
Deer Oaks EAP services are a free benefit. In some cases, the help of community resources may be needed. If so, the counselor will provide a referral to the most appropriate resource. When a referral is made, those expenses become the employee's responsibility.

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How do I get help ?
To arrange for a private and confidential appointment call:

Deer Oaks EAP Services

Or e-mail:


Online tools are available at www.deeroaks.com (Your username & password will be: SON) 

For additional information on accessing EAP services, please review the Guide for Accessing Deer Oaks EAP Services.

Mandatory Referral and Release of Information Forms

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EAP provides periodic training for employees on various topics.   Access Deer Oak's website to view training that is available.


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