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HIPAA Privacy & Security

Welcome to HIPAA Online!  This section of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Website provides HIPAA information and tools.  We hope that you can benefit from using this information, as we work to provide treatment, care, benefits and other services to Nebraska's citizens.

Summary of the HIPPA Privacy Rule

Please begin by choosing one of the user types below, or one of the "quick links" to the left:

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1. Consumer
(Also known as:  Patient, resident, beneficiary, recipient or client.) Click on the above link for information such as:  "what is HIPAA", your rights offered by HIPAA law, and submitting complaints and requests.

2. Business Associate
(For any other partners, hired and contracted individuals and agencies that work with NE-DHHS.)   Click on the above link for information such as:  definition of a "Business Associate" according to HIPAA, a Business Associate Agreement example, and your roles as a Business Associate.

If you do not see your organization's type listed above (e.g. clearinghouse, hospital, HMO), then please click here for more information to help you determine where to begin using HIPAA Online.



Spanish version of Privacy Notice is available.