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2. Business Associates Section:
Reference to Current DHHS Programs

The Nebraska DHHS runs many entitlement programs.  Through those programs, the relationship with its Business Associates -- such as your organization -- is utilized and defined.  

This page lists many of such DHHS programs that appear to be impacted by HIPAA regulation because of PHI (Protected Health Information), transactions (such as claims, eligibility, claim status, remittance advice, and member demographics) or other activities indirectly related to medical procedures (e.g. living assistance programs.)  If your organization works with these programs, then your Business Associate Agreement will govern what information you store, what you send, and how you conduct business.

DHHS Program
Adoption/Medical (SA/Med)

Adult Protective Services

Aging and LTC Programs

Aid to Dependent Children (ADC)

Area Agencies on Aging

Assistance to the Aged; Blind (AABD)

Assisted Living

Child Care (CC)

Children & Family Services Medicaid (CFS)

Children with Developmental Disabilities (CDD)

Development Disabilities Case Management (DDCM)

Developmental Disabilities Programs

Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Programs

Employment First (EF)

Early Intervention Waiver (EI)

Emergency Assistance (EA)

Family Health Programs

Food Stamp Program (FSP)

Former Ward Medicaid (FW)

Immunization Program

Independent Living / Medicaid (IL)

Juvenile Court (JC)

Medicaid Home Health Private Duty Nursing Homes

Medicaid in Public Schools

Medicaid Personal Care Aides

Medicaid Waiver

Medical (MED)

Medically handicapped Children Program & Disabled Children

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Programs

Minority Health Programs

Public Health Programs

Refugee Resettlement Program (RR)

Reproductive Health


Rural Health Programs

Social Service Aged and Disabled

Social Services for Children & Families (SSCI)

Social Services for the Aged & Disabled (SSAD)

Subsidized Adoption - Grant Only (SA)

Subsidized Guardianship / Medical (SG/Med)

Subsidized Guardianship (SG)

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Waiver - Adults with Developmental Disabilities (ADD)

Waiver - Adults with Disabilities (AD)

Waiver Katie Beckett Plan

Women's Health Programs

  • CDC Every Woman Matters (Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening)
  • CDC WISEWOMAN (Cardiovasc & Diabetes Screen + Lifestye Intervention)
  • Women Infants and Children (WIC) Supplemental Nutrition Program






Non-DHHS Programs.  Please note that there are other State-level programs, and private-sector initiatives, that will be impacted by HIPAA.  However, these Webpages were created specifically to address the DHHS compliance effort, including its relationship with the medical providers and its business associates.