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3. Business Associates Section:
Who is Affected

HIPAA laws affect many participants in the U.S. healthcare system, including the state-level entitlement programs.  Here is a sample of some participants that are affected:

Facilities of the NE-DHHS

  • Veterans' Homes
  • State and local DHHS offices
  • Regional Centers
  • Youth Detention Centers

Programs (a few examples)

Business Associates

  • Software vendors
  • Other health plans (e.g., HMOs, private insurance companies)
  • Independent medical providers
  • Hospitals


  • Medicaid recipients
  • Recipients in other NE-DHHS entitlement programs
  • All patients, State Facilities' residents
  • ... Everyone in the State of Nebraska, that ever visits a healthcare provider.

HIPAA requirements affect all of the above entities, in many different ways.   As you work with other members in the healthcare services in Nebraska, we all need to uphold the same level of confidentiality standards -- as patient/client medical data is transmitted to other participants.