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3. Business Associates Section

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services appreciates its Business Associates -- all individuals and groups that collaborate with the NE-DHSS in the provision of healthcare and entitlement programs.  Under HIPAA requirements, our business associate must observe HIPAA rules and regulations, in order to safeguard Protected Health Information.

This section provides you with specific tools that we use in the HIPAA-defined "Business Associates" relationship, and additional resources that you can tap into for your further research.  If this section does not contain the answer to your current question or business need, please contact us (see the link " contact us") by email or phone call.

3A.  Awareness

3A-1 Understanding HIPAA
3A-2 Who is affected
3A-5 Frequently Asked Questions
3A-6 General info - Privacy
3A-8 Associate education

3B.  Tools and Implementation Needs

3B-1 Reference to Current Programs
3B-2 Associate Responsibilities
3B-3 Who is a Business Associate?
3B-5 HIPAA checklist
3B-7 Complaint, Request for info, and Violation reporting
3B-8 Privacy Notice

3C.  Links

CMS, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services This is the organization that oversees the implementation of HIPAA Transactions and Codesets.
OCR, Office for Civil Rights - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services This is the agency tasked with enforcement of the HIPAA Privacy Rule.
WEDI, Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange This is an advisory group that assists in the creation and implementation of the x12 transaction standards.  It is listed here because of the two groups that it has created - National SNIP, and Nebraska SNIP.
Nebraska SNIP The Nebraska SNIP is a professional, active and local group of healthcare professionals that work together to continually discuss how to implement HIPAA in the state of Nebraska.  You should consider joining this group, and subscribing to their email list ("Listserv").
State of Nebraska -- Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services --

Medicaid page -- EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) sub-page

These links lead you to many related sites and pages on State of Nebraska's current websites.

Note that the EDI page contains current and forward-looking technical information about how to send electronic claims for Nebraska providers -- both individual and institutional.  You should reference this site regarding plans to convert to x12 electronic claims.

(more links will be added regularly.)