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2. Medical Provider Section:
"Companion Guide" for Electronic Transactions

If you plan to submit transactions to the Nebraska DHHS, you will need to follow the rules and formats set forth in the following Companion Guides.  They explain to you the specific requirements for successful transmissions, such as:

  • File Format
  • Field names
  • Limitations
  • Rules
  • Reference values
  • Codesets
  • x12 fields in use
  • Delimiters (used to separate text fields in a "raw text file".)
  • ... and more.

When the X12 Companion Documents are finalized, they will be placed on the NE-DHSS Medicaid Webpage. Please regularly visit that site to check the status of these documents.

Nebraska Medicaid, X12 Companion Guides Link to the X12 Companion Guides, published by Nebraska Medicaid EDI staff.

The ones that have been published include:  837 Institutional, and 837 Professional Claims.