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1. Consumer Section:
Requests - Private Information

HIPAA offers you, the consumer, additional rights to access your own health information and control its uses.  You may make requests to Nebraska DHHS regarding such requests:

  1. The right to request restrictions on certain uses and disclosures of Protected Health Information,  (note: HIPAA law does not require us to agree to those restriction requests, but these requests will be carefully considered by NE-HHSS.)
  2. The right to receive confidential communications of Protected Health Information,
  3. The right to inspect and copy Protected Health Information,
  4. The right to amend Protected Health Information,
  5. The right to receive an accounting of disclosures of Protected Health Information,
  6. The right to obtain a paper or electronic copy of the Privacy Notice.

Please contact the Nebraska DHHS HIPAA Privacy Officer. You may do so using email or postal letter.  You must include the following items in your request:

  • Your name and contact information (e.g. phone number, mailing address, email).
  • Date that you made this request.
  • Description of the request, including: 
    • Which type of request is it (drawn from above list, A to F)
    • Details of such request  (e.g. what information to withhold; what information you would like to inspect & when; what information you would like to amend, why, and to what new values;  how would you like to receive the Privacy Notice document.)
  • You may also attach any supporting or reference information.
By email HIPAAOffice@dhhs.ne.gov
By Postal letter P.O. Box 95026
301 Centennial Mall South
Lincoln, NE 68509