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1. Consumer Section

This section helps Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services consumers learn more about HIPAA.  It will help answer questions that you have, and to protect your rights as a consumer of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

Typical visitors to this section include:  Residents in Veteran Homes, Regional Centers and Youth Centers; recipients of Medicare / Medicaid benefits; recipients of block grants directly and indirectly from the State of Nebraska DHHS, and any other individuals who is receiving benefits and services in DHHS facilities and programs.

1A.  Awareness

1A-1 Understanding HIPAA
1A-2 Who is affected
1A-3 Penalties
1A-6 Your rights as a Consumer

1B.  Tools and Implementation Needs

1B-1 Privacy Notice
1B-2 Complaint / Violation reporting

1C.  Links

OCR, Office for Civil Rights - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services This is the agency tasked with enforcement of HIPAA Privacy rule.