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Services Coordination -
Your ‘Services Coordinator’

What is Services Coordination?

You may need Services Coordination if you need help in finding services that will come into your home. You may need it because you want to live as independently as possible. You may be an individual with disabilities or medical conditions, or the family of a child with special health care needs.

Services Coordination means that you will start out with a “Services Coordinator” who will help:

  • Find services to meet your needs
  • Link you with needed services
  • Work with multiple providers to make sure services are provided to you as needed
  • Support you to become a coordinator of your own services in the future

What can a Services Coordinator do for me?

You may find it difficult to locate needed services and schedule your service providers. Services Coordinators can help:

  • Take you through the process to see if you are eligible for services
  • Complete an assessment of your needs
  • Develop a plan of services and supports based on your assessed needs
  • Develop services to meet your needs
  • Connect you with needed services in the community

Services Coordinators are:

  • Client-centered, meaning they help individuals have choices in how to live and where to live
  • Family-centered, meaning they partner with families to meet their needs revolving around a family member with disabilities

Do I qualify for Services Coordination?

You may qualify for Services Coordination if you are eligible for a DHHS program that has Services Coordination, such as:

The Early Development Network (EDN):

Families may be eligible for EDN if they have an infant or toddler below age three who has a disability or developmental delay.

Year-round Services Coordination is provided at no cost to families. The Services Coordinator helps families to:

  1. Find services to meet developmental, educational, financial, health care, child care, respite service, and other needs
  2. Link with needed services
  3. Work with multiple providers to make sure services are provided as needed
  4. Become coordinators of services for their own children in the future

Home and Community-Based Waivers for the:

  • Aged and Physically Disabled
  • Those with Traumatic Brain Injury

Individuals may be eligible for these programs if they require nursing facility level of care. The Services Coordinator may:

  1. Identify eligible individuals
  2. Determine client needs and preferences
  3. Determine resources
  4. Develop individual service plans
  5. Link with needed services
  6. Monitor services
  7. Help individuals move from a nursing home to their own home or apartment in the community with the services they need to be independent

Who do I call to see if I should have Services Coordination?

You must be eligible for a program to have Services Coordination.

To apply for or find out more about Early Development Network services:

To apply for or find out more about Home and Community-Based Waiver services:

What if I want to coordinate my own services?

You have the right and responsibility to plan and direct your own services to the greatest extent possible.

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