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Respite Service

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What is Respite Service?

Sometimes caregivers need a temporary break from care-giving so they can come back refreshed and ready to provide good care again.

Respite Service pays someone to come into the home, take care of an individual with special needs, and give the primary caregiver a temporary break.

Who needs Respite Service?

  • Ongoing, continuous caregivers
  • Spouses who care for partners with disabilities
  • Parents of adults with disabilities
  • Adult children caring for siblings with disabilities
  • Parents of children with disabilities
  • Adult children caring for parents with disabilities
  • Others


Do I qualify for Respite Service?

You may qualify for respite service if you reside with and care for an individual and you are not able to pay for respite due to limited income and resources.

You must first qualify for a DHHS program that has the Respite service, and a need for this special service must exist.

How do I find out if I can receive respite?

Dial 1-866-RESPITE (737-7483) or

What does Respite mean for a caregiver?

Respite could mean…

  • A break
  • A chance to get away
  • A chance to shop
  • A chance to spend time with other family members
  • A chance to recharge batteries
  • Time to take care of personal business
  • Time to get medical care


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