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Personal Assistance Services

What are Personal Assistance Services?

Assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing or dressing, for an individual who has a chronic medical condition or a disability

Who needs Personal Assistance Services?   

Individuals with a chronic medical condition or a disability who need help with daily activities. These are activities they would do for themselves if they did not have the condition or disability.

Do I qualify for Personal Assistance Services?

You may qualify if you are an individual of any age:

  • Receiving Medicaid
  • Living in your home, not an institution
  • Have an assessed need for the service in order to live in the community

More questions and answers about Personal Assistance Services

Contact a DHHS worker who can answer your questions about Personal Assistance Services

Information on becoming a provider of this service

Provider Bulletins

 Provider Bulletin 18-04 Provider Record of Service Form Signature Requirements in the Event of the Death of a Client.

Provider Bulletin 17-09 Personal Assistance Service – Signature Requirements/Billing Guidance

Provider Training

Personal Assistance Services Provider Claims Training


How do I find out if I can receive Personal Assistance Services?

Contact your local DHHS office.

How do I know how much Personal Assistance Services I need?

Together, you and your local DHHS worker will complete an assessment to determine the amount of time you require for your specific needs.

Can I choose my Personal Assistance Services provider?

Yes, you have the right to choose your provider and direct your own care.

Can a family member be my paid provider?

Yes, as long as the family member is not legally responsible for you. A spouse or the parent/guardian of a minor child cannot be paid providers. The individual must be able to meet qualifications to become a provider.

I have a medical procedure that needs to be done. Can the Personal Assistance Provider complete this task?

Yes, if the provider can show you that s/he can do the task after you or your designee trained them, and if you provide ongoing monitoring and direction for the task.

Can I be employed and receive personal assistance services?

Yes, if you work at least 40 hours a month and you are paid at least minimum wage.

Where can I read the DHHS regulations about Personal Assistance Services?

Title 471 – Nebraska Medical Assistance Program Services, Click on Chapter 15