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What is Home Health?

Home Health is a service for individuals who need professional skilled nursing or aide services ordered by a physician.  Nebraska Medicaid covers skilled nursing through a Home Health Agency or a Private Duty Nurse.  Home Health Aide services are available through a Home Health Agency only.  If you only need aid services you may consider Personal Assistance Services (PAS).

Who needs Home Health Services?

You may need home health services if you:

  • Recently had surgery, or have a wound that needs to be treated by a skilled nurse
  • Have a chronic medical condition that requires regular monitoring or intervention by a skilled nurse
  • Need assistance with activities of daily living due to a chronic condition and have not
    been able to locate a Personal Assistance Service provider

Do I qualify for Home Health Services?

You may qualify if you:

  • Need Skilled Professional Nursing Services or aide services as ordered by a physician
  • Are eligible for Nebraska Medicaid
  • Had a physician determine that you need this service
  • Have used all your Medicare Home Health benefits.

Who do I contact about getting these services?

Either you or your doctor may contact the Home Health Agency of your choice. The Home Health Provider will get all the necessary information from you and your doctor.

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How can I get Home Health services?

  1. You must be eligible for Nebraska Medicaid in order to get the service.
  2. You or your doctor may contact the Home Health provider of your choice. The Home Health provider will know if the service you requested is covered by Nebraska Medicaid.
  3. If you need assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), you may wish to consider another Medicaid service. Personal Assistance Services, or PAS, are services to assist with bathing, dressing, eating, transfers, toileting, etc.   Contact your local office worker for more information.

I need someone to help me with my medications because I am diabetic and can’t see very well. Will Medicaid pay for a nurse to come in and give me my medications?

Nebraska Medicaid will pay for an RN or LPN to assist you with your medications. This ranges from filling a cassette once a week to administering IV medications. The service is authorized based on your individual situation and depends on what medications you need and what other supports are available to you.

I am paralyzed and need help getting in and out of bed and using the toilet. Will Medicaid pay for someone to help me?

Yes, Nebraska Medicaid also covers services provided by a Personal Assistance Services (PAS) provider.

A PAS provider can be reimbursed for helping you with transfers, toileting, and other needs. This person may be a family member (except a spouse or parent of a minor) or neighbor. Call your local DHHS office for more information.

If a PAS provider is not available to you, Nebraska Medicaid reimburses a Home Health Agency for a Home Health Aide to assist you. Contact your Home Health Agency who will assist you with more specific information about your individual situation as it relates to a Home Health Aide.
Who do I contact about Home Health if I have Medicaid through a managed care plan (such as Primary Care Plus, Share Advantage, or Magellan)?

If you are Medicaid eligible and are covered through a managed care plan, contact your assigned managed care plan.  If you need assistance to identify your plan, please contact the Enrollment Broker at 888-255-2605 (in Lincoln, 471-7715).

Where can I read the DHHS regulations for programs with Home Health?

Title 471 – Nebraska Medical Assistance Program Services
Click on Chapter 9 – Home Health Agencies
Click on Chapter 13 – Private-Duty Nursing Services