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Home-Delivered Meals

What are home-delivered meals?

  • Usually a noontime meal, delivered to your home or apartment
  • Transported and delivered using utensils and equipment which are sanitary and maintain proper food temperatures
  • Contain one-third of the minimum daily nutrition requirement for adults using a variety of foods from day to day

Do I qualify for home-delivered meals service?

You must first qualify for a DHHS program that has home-delivered meals, and a DHHS worker must assess that you need this special service.

You may qualify for home-delivered meals service if you are:

  • An adult with disabilities, unable to prepare your own meals
  • Aged 60 and older, unable to prepare your own meals

More questions and answers about home-delivered meals

Contact someone who can answer your questions about home-delivered meals or to apply for this service:

PDF For adults 18 and older with physical disabilities
PDF For adults 65 and older

Information on becoming a provider of this service


I can fix my own meals, but I feel I need more money to buy food. Do I qualify?

Probably not. This special, home-delivered meals service is not intended to add to a person’s food budget. Rather, a DHHS worker must assess that:

  1. You’re unable to prepare your own meals due to physical, cognitive, and/or safety limitations or your nutrition risk assessment indicates “high risk.”
  2. There’s no other source that will provide meals service at no charge (such as a relative, neighbor, responsible adult, friend, or other program or agency).
  3. You don’t reside in a facility that’s required to provide meals for you.

Where can I read the regulations for programs that have a home-delivered meals service?

Title 473 -- Social Services for Aged and Disabled Adults, Click on Chapter 5; scroll down to 473 NAC 5-010

Title 480 -- Home and Community-Based Waiver Services and Optional Targeted Case Management Services, Click on Chapter 5; scroll down to 480 NAC 5-005.F

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