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Children's Specialized Health Care

What is this service?

It is a service of the Medically Handicapped Children’s Program (MHCP). MHCP pays for specialized medical services related to a child’s ongoing medical conditions or disability that made the child eligible for MHCP (see list of examples of eligible conditions) and approved by MHCP staff.

Who may need this service?

Families with:

  • Children with ongoing medical conditions related to the child’s disability
  • Children that have a very high cost of medical care
  • Limited or no access to high quality medical care for children with special health care needs

Is my child eligible for this service?

Your child must:

  • Be eligible for MHCP
  • Live in Nebraska
  • Be under 21 years of age
  • Have a qualifying disability or ongoing medical condition (see list of examples)
  • Meet the financial eligibility*

*See Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

More questions and answers about Children’s Specialized Health Care

To contact someone who can answer your question about this MHCP service, call your nearest MHCP office:

  • Western Nebraska--Gering (800) 477-6393
  • Central Nebraska--Grand Island (800) 892-7922
  • Southeast Nebraska--Lincoln (877) 213-4754
  • Northern Nebraska--Norfolk (402) 370-3120
  • Southwest Nebraska--North Platte (800) 778-1600
  • Omaha area-- (402) 595-2120


How do I apply for MHCP?

You can complete an application by phone, letter, or personal interview. Applications can be obtained from your local DHHS office.  When an MHCP worker receives a referral, the worker will contact the family to discuss medical needs and eligibility guidelines for services.

I know a child that may need MHCP. Can I refer him/her?

Anyone can refer a child to MHCP by phone, personal interview, or letter to any office of DHHS.

What services may be available through MHCP?

  • Services to identify your child’s medical condition
  • Limited payment for treatment services by contracted medical specialists
  • Referrals to other available community resources

What medical services can be covered through MHCP?

  • Specialty clinics that provide diagnosis and consultation
  • Approved treatment related to the condition that made the child eligible for this program

What services are not covered through MHCP?

  • Well-child visits or routine health care
  • Basic medical conditions such as colds, rashes, etc.

What are MHCP-sponsored specialty clinics for children?

Clinics are medical appointments with specialty physicians (such as neurologists), nutritionists, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, dentists, speech and hearing pathologists, and MHCP workers with the families. The clinic team membership will vary depending upon the particular medical needs of the child being seen. The clinic teams provide diagnosis of the medical concerns and problems, and provide a written treatment plan.

What financial items are reviewed?

The possible cost of the specialized care, family income, and other medical coverage or funding available to the family to pay for the specialized medical care.

Are there financial eligibility requirements for the initial consultation?

No, but if a child has private insurance then it would be the first payer for the service.

How does MHCP verify medical need?

Medical records from any current doctor are reviewed by a doctor and nurse at the state to see that the condition or treatment is eligible under the program. A child may be scheduled to attend a MHCP-sponsored clinic or referred directly to a participating specialist for an evaluation.

Can MHCP consider coverage of a service prior to the date of referral?

MHCP cannot pay for any service that took place prior to the child’s referral.

Where can I read the DHHS regulations for Children’s Diagnostic and Treatment Service?

Title 467 - (Title V Services for Medically Handicapped Children, Genetically Handicapped Persons' Program, and Supplemental Security Income Disabled Children's Program)