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Child Care for Children/Youth with Disabilities

What is Child Care for Children/Youth with Disabilities (CCCYD) service?

This service provides specialized care for the child or youth with disabilities up to age 18. Child care is provided so that the usual caregiver can be employed or take training that will maintain or increase the family’s earning power (such as earning a degree).

Who needs Child Care for Children/Youth with Disabilities?

You may need this service if you are the usual caregiver for a child or youth with disabilities and you need to:

  • Find employment or stay employed
  • Enroll in and regularly attend vocational or educational training
  • Earn a high school diploma or equivalent diploma, or undergraduate degree

Do I qualify for CCCYD?

  1. The child must be eligible for Medicaid and have care needs similar to individuals who live in a nursing home.
  2. There must be a need for this special service that cannot be met in another way.

More questions and answers about child care for children/youth with disabilities

Contact someone who can answer your questions about child care for children/youth with disabilities, or apply for this service.

Information on becoming a provider of this service


Where is this care provided for the child?

Care is provided in the child’s home by a DHHS-approved provider, or in a setting approved and licensed by DHHS.

How many hours of CCCYD can my family receive?

Care provided by this service must be more than 2 hours per week every week and average less than 12 hours per day.

What is the role of the family receiving CCCYD?

The family, in partnership with the Services Coordinator;

  1. Is an active participant in developing the child’s plan of services and supports
  2. Sets priorities and determines the amount of service
  3. Develops desired outcomes for the care
  4. Identifies potential service providers
  5. Makes choices in selecting, directing, and dismissing providers

Can CCCYD take the place of school system responsibilities and services?

CCCYD must not be used:

  • For a service which is the responsibility of a school system
  • For a time when the child should be in school (the normal school day)

Can I select anyone to be my child’s CCCYD provider?

CCCYD providers must be approved by DHHS. If you have someone in mind, give the information to your Early Development Network or DHHS Services Coordinator.

Where can I read regulations for Child Care for Children/Youth with Disabilities service?

Title 480 -- Home and Community-Based Waiver Services and Optional Targeted Case Management Services, Click on Chapter 5; scroll down to 480 NAC 5-005.D