Home and Community Services
Information for Providers

Are you interested in becoming a DHHS-approved services provider? It’s a great community service you’ll be performing for Nebraskans who are aged or experience disabilities. You’ll be helping individuals to live independently in a home or community setting. You’ll be helping spouses continue to care for their loved ones. You’ll enable families to keep their children with disabilities in the home environment rather than an institution.

DHHS-approved service providers create choices for Nebraskans with disabilities in how to live and where to live. While no one gets rich as a DHHS-approved service provider, it pays a modest rate. Service providers are not State of Nebraska or DHHS employees. Rather, they work for the individual, and are paid by DHHS on behalf of the individual.

PDF Chore Services Provider Handbook

PDF Nutrition Services Provider Handbook

More information on becoming a provider

What types of facilities does the Keys Amendment affect and where can I find a copy of the compliance document?

PDF List of facilities and Keys Amendment compliance

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