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Social Services for Aged and Disabled Adults program

What is the Social Services for Aged and Disabled Adults (SSAD) program?

This program provides needed services to:

  • Low-income persons who are aged
  • Low income adults with disabilities
  • Services under this program enable persons to be as self-sufficient as possible and remain in their own home or apartment. Services also support unpaid caregivers so they may continue providing unpaid services to the client.

Who may need this program?

SSAD serves individuals who:

  • Have low income
  • Are not eligible for PAS
  • Need assistance with activities of daily living (or ADLs) such as bathing, shaving, dressing and shampooing
  • Have an unpaid caregiver needing support to help keep them at home

What services may be available through Social Services for Aged and Disabled Adults?

Services that may be available through SSAD include:

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Do I qualify for this program?

You may qualify for SSAD if your income is within guidelines, and one of these describes you:

  • Low income aged -- You are age 60 or older
  • Low income blind -- You are age 19 through 59 and have a visual impairment, and you meet the definition for low income disabled (See below)
  • Low income disabled -- You have a physical or mental impairment which prevents you from engaging in useful occupations within your competence, such as holding a job or homemaking. A medical expert will determine if you have a:
  • Physical impairment: Loss or defects of the extremities, malfunctioning of the organs of
    the body, or physiological disturbances with structural damage, and/or
  • Mental impairment: Conditions characterized by a marked and consistent failure to adjust to the emotional, social, or individual demands of living which require that the individual have assistance in essential activities of daily living.

How do I know if my income qualifies for the SSAD program?

You’ll need to contact a DHHS Social Service Worker (SSW), who will help you complete the necessary forms.

What are the goals of social services programs such as SSAD?

This program assists you or your family to work toward these goals:

  • Achieving self-sufficiency
  • Reducing or preventing dependency
  • Preventing neglect, abuse, or exploitation
  • Preventing or reducing inappropriate institutional care
  • Securing referrals when other forms of care are not appropriate

What types of facilities does the Keys Amendment affect and where can I find a copy of the compliance document?

pdficon.gif (914 bytes) List of facilities and Keys Amendment compliance

Where can I read the regulations on Social Services for Aged and Disabled Adults?

Title 473 – Social Services for Aged and Disabled Adults

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