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Katie Beckett Program

What is the Katie Beckett Program?

This program provides home health nursing and other medical services to children who otherwise would be hospitalized because of their high level of health care needs. Youth on the Katie Beckett program are eligible for Medicaid.

Who may need this program?

Families with a child or children under 18 years old who have one or more of the following:

  • A ventilator to breathe
  • A tracheostomy
  • Need for complex nursing services to be provided at home
  • Use excessive amounts of medical supplies, equipment, and/or therapies

What services may be available through the Katie Beckett Program?

All Medicaid services based on medical need, including (but not limited to):

  • Nursing care in the home
  • Hospital stays
  • Medicine, medical supplies, and equipment
  • Physician fees

More questions and answers about the Katie Beckett Program

Contact someone who can answer your questions about the Katie Beckett Program or to apply for services.


We earn too much money for Medicaid, but our child has many health problems and has been in the hospital since birth. Can the Katie Beckett program help?

Only the child’s income is considered for the Medicaid eligibility process for children served by the Katie Beckett program. Contact your local DHHS office to begin the Medicaid application process, and be sure to say you want your child assessed to determine if he or she qualifies for Katie Beckett.

Does a private health insurance policy affect eligibility?

No, your child can still be eligible for the program if your family has private health insurance through a job or another group. The private insurance must be used first and Medicaid pays after your other health insurance has paid.

Where can I read the DHHS regulations about Medicaid Services?

Title 471 – Nebraska Medical Assistance Program Services
Click on Chapter 12; scroll down to 471 NAC 12-014.07