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Disabled Persons and Family Support Program

What is Disabled Persons and Family Support (DPFS)?

DPFS provides up to $300 a month of funding for services to individuals with disabilities to help them continue to live independently or help families stay together.

Who may need this program?

Those who need to maintain their independence, such as:

  • Employed adults with disabilities
  • Adults with disabilities who live independently
  • Families who have a family member with disabilities living with them at home

What services may be available through DPFS?

The needs of the clients determine which services can be funded through DPFS. Some of the funded services include:

  • Attendant/personal care
  • Home health care
  • Housekeeping
  • Transportation
  • Special equipment
  • Home modifications

Who may be eligible for DPFS?

Persons may be financially eligible if their gross monthly income does not exceed the guidelines in the box below. A certain amount of your income will be disregarded or not counted in determining income. This is considered a disability-related deduction.

Family Size Gross Monthly Income $
1 1364
2 1784
3 2203
4 2623
5 3043
6 3463
7 3541
8 3620
9 or more 3699

The maximum monthly benefit for attendant/personal care, home health care, housekeeping, or transportation is $300. For special equipment or home modification, the maximum yearly benefit is $3600.

DPFS cannot pay for services or items available from other sources. Persons who apply must explore all other possible funding sources.

How do I apply for DPFS?

To request an application for yourself or on behalf of another adult, contact:

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Children and Family Services
Disabled Persons and Family Support
PO Box 95025
Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-5025
(402) 471-9220

Outside Lincoln call toll free 1-844-807-1197

Email dhhs.dpfs@nebraska.gov

OR: Download an application.

Disability Report

More questions and answers about DPFS

Information on becoming a provider of services

Staff of the Department of Health and Human Services will evaluate each application and approve or disapprove payments based upon need and available funds. You may be contacted if more information is needed to make a decision.

DPFS cannot pay for services available from other sources. Persons who apply must explore all other available funding sources.


How does DPFS verify medical need?

DPFS uses the Disability Report which accompanies your application to verify medical need.  This report should be completed by your doctor.

What rate can I pay my bath aide / housekeeper?

A monthly limit is established for each service, but you and your provider negotiate the rate of pay.

How are payments made?

There are two methods of payment. DPFS can pay providers directly or reimburse you.   Payments are made monthly.

Can I keep the care provider I already have?

DPFS allows you to choose your own providers.

My mother (or adult child) lives with us. Do you count our income and resources?

Only the income and resources of the applicant and his/her spouse, if married, are considered.

Can DPFS pay my rent?

DPFS does not pay rent, utilities, or medical bills.

Where can I read the DHHS regulations about the DPFS Program?

Title 472 – Disabled Persons and Family Support Program

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